Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer

« When you talk about insurance or financial security planning, the important thing is to understand what role the insurance product needs to play. But there’s an overall understanding of insurance that everyone should have. There is a perspective that everyone should hold when it comes to life insurance and financial security planning, and that is […]

The Domino Effect Of Life Insurance

« There is a very unique aspect to the products that I sell, whether they be owned personally or corporately, and that is the fact that every single time a product is put into place, it is designed to protect someone’s financial security. There is a massive medium or long term impact to the community in […]

Planned Giving

« One of the more interesting aspects of what I do is I will often talk to my clients about something that’s called planned giving, which is essentially using the tool of a life insurance policy to provide funds for an institution, a not for profit institution, in the name of a family or in the […]