Montreal’s Passion For The Arts

« One of the strengths of Montreal is the fact that we have always appreciated the arts. We’ve got a passion for it that other cities don’t have at a very basic level. What is disturbing to me today is that perhaps the arts are not being supported like they used to be, and it is […]

Moving On To Greatness

« Being a lifetime Montrealer, I have seen this city go through massive change. And it’s probably at a point now economically where it is moving towards its former greatness. I don’t think it is fair to delude anybody into thinking that Montreal is where it was 40 years ago, and I know, I was in […]

Bilingualism In Montreal

« I think I have one of the most advantageous roles in the world, in the fact that I am a father of children in Montreal. As a result of being a dad of three girls in Montreal at various stages in their lives, I have been able to naturally afford them a diversity of experience, […]

I Have No Intention Of Leaving

« I’ve been selling life insurance in the province of Quebec and in Montreal for 40 years, you know? I’ve done it with a lot of pride, I’ve done it with a lot of commitment, and I’ve done it with a lot of passion for the people in this city and this province, because I love […]

Embracing Montreal’s Dynamic Society

« It’s very interesting when you talk about how the Montreal and Quebec society has matured and is now at a stage where we’re embarking on far more exciting things, that diversity, if you will, has allowed me to become more creative, its allowed me to become more, to use a colloquial expression, out there, compared […]

Pushing Through Our Growing Pains

« I think one of the things that makes Montreal so great, I know one of the things that makes Montreal so great is the fact that if you come here with entrepreneurial drive and a spirit and a commitment to wanna get the job done, you can flourish probably better than in any other city […]