Montreal’s Passion For The Arts

« One of the strengths of Montreal is the fact that we have always appreciated the arts. We’ve got a passion for it that other cities don’t have at a very basic level. What is disturbing to me today is that perhaps the arts are not being supported like they used to be, and it is […]

Moving On To Greatness

« Being a lifetime Montrealer, I have seen this city go through massive change. And it’s probably at a point now economically where it is moving towards its former greatness. I don’t think it is fair to delude anybody into thinking that Montreal is where it was 40 years ago, and I know, I was in […]

Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer

« When you talk about insurance or financial security planning, the important thing is to understand what role the insurance product needs to play. But there’s an overall understanding of insurance that everyone should have. There is a perspective that everyone should hold when it comes to life insurance and financial security planning, and that is […]

The Stigma Of Life Insurance

« One of the challenges about selling the products that I sell and offering the services that I offer is that there is a stigma associated with the discussion on life insurance. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to. So what I’ve been able to evolve over the years is […]

I Have No Intention Of Leaving

« I’ve been selling life insurance in the province of Quebec and in Montreal for 40 years, you know? I’ve done it with a lot of pride, I’ve done it with a lot of commitment, and I’ve done it with a lot of passion for the people in this city and this province, because I love […]

Montrealers Are Unique

« What makes it so exciting to do business in Montreal is the fact that there’s a broad diversity of ideas, values, ethnicities, but there is something that makes Montreal very unique in that regard. So the challenges are not only to put together the hard and fast numbers aspect of financial security planning, but also […]

Montreal’s​ Economic Diversity

« When you talk about the advancement of Montreal as a city economically, one of the things that differentiates us is that we are very broadly based in terms of the economic drivers. It’s always interesting to grab a headline with AI, it’s always interesting to grab a headline with biotech, whatever the particular industry may […]

Planned Giving

« One of the more interesting aspects of what I do is I will often talk to my clients about something that’s called planned giving, which is essentially using the tool of a life insurance policy to provide funds for an institution, a not for profit institution, in the name of a family or in the […]

Ensuring Business Continuity

« One specific aspect of what I do is work with entrepreneurs who are concerned about business continuity. Business continuity is simply the ability to accurately, properly, and objectively understand the importance of putting programs into place that will allow their businesses to continue. That being said, if you use a numbers example of a business […]